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AdoptionsFamilies are made in many different ways, and The Perrone Law Firm is honored to be a part of the journey by facilitating the adoption process for many loyal clients. We believe that children are one of God’s greatest gifts, and endeavor to make the process of bringing children and their loving families together as simple and pain-free as possible.

We don’t sugarcoat things for our adoptive families: the adoption process can sometimes be long, complex, and difficult. However, every step of the way, Attorney Christina Perrone and the staff at the Perrone Law Firm will be there to explain the process, take all necessary action, hear your concerns, and advocate on behalf of you and your family.

The Perrone Law Firm is part of a wide network of adoption advocates and facilitators, and will be able to provide specialists and other resources who are vetted, reliable, and the best in the business. For example, when families reach the part of the adoption process where home studies are required, we partner with Lauren B. Gordon to obtain and set up those studies for our clients.

Let us help you provide the services, care, and resources to bring the newest member of your family home.

CPS Adoptions

Attorney Perrone is contracted directly with the Texas Department of Family and Protective Services to complete adoptions for children under the managing conservatorship of CPS (Child Protective Services). This sort of adoption can also be called foster care adoption, state adoption, or public adoption.

We can guide you through the basics of how the foster care/CPS system works in Texas, and how decisions are made about the non-viability of reunification with a child’s biological family, as well as the termination of their parental rights. We can also guide you through the complex answers to many common questions about the adoption of children in foster care, such as:

  • Is there anything I need to know about adopting an older child?
  • What should I know about adopting siblings?
  • What should I know about adopting children with special needs?
  • Is it best for me and for my family to foster-to-adopt, or to adopt a child without fostering?
  • What are the unique needs of a child who has been adopted through foster care?

We can also guide you through the major steps of adopting a child from CPS in Texas, including choosing an agency, filling out state applications, home studies, placement, and finalization (including finalization hearings, which take place six months after placement, and Final Decrees of Adoption, which legally solidify your child’s place in your family).

More Information:

Private Adoptions

Private adoptions are an alternative to foster or CPS adoption for people who would like to adopt a child domestically (from the US). In private adoptions, a child’s biological family must voluntarily put them up for adoption, rather than being compelled to do so by the State of Texas (which is the case for some CPS adoptions).

There are two major ways to pursue a private adoption:

  • Working with an adoption or placement agency
  • Privately matched adoptions

Whether you are adopting through a placement agency or a matched private adoption, Attorney Perrone would be honored to participate in this exciting journey with your family. She can help you with the legal particulars of the private adoption process from start to finish, and can be there as a trusted advocate to finalize the adoption.

It is especially important for those seeking privately matched adoptions without an agency to enlist the help of an attorney. Attorney Perrone can help adopting parents navigate the many complex laws around this sort of adoption in Texas, and ensure that both parents and children are legally protected.

Stepparent Adoptions

Our firm is skilled in the representation of stepparents who want to adopt their stepchildren. There are many reasons why stepparents might want to adopt their stepchildren. Emotionally, the act of adoption gives both parent and child a new sense of official recognition and security. Legal recognition also protects the child’s access to certain rights (such as the right to be an inheritor and receive insurance benefits), as well as a parent’s access to certain rights (such as HIPPA access for minor children).

At the Perrone Law Firm, we offer the full range of services necessary to finalize a stepparent adoption, including helping the client through background checks and vetting, terminating the parental rights of the biological noncustodial parent (if necessary), and finalization.

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