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Dedicated Adoption Attorneys In Emory, Texas – The Perrone Law Firm, PLLC

The Perrone Law Firm is a group of legal advocates for children both in and out of the foster care system. Founded in Greenville, Texas, by family law attorney Christina Perrone, we are now proud to serve the families of Emory, Texas.

Our practice is built on the driving belief that all children deserve a stable, safe, and loving home. We have dedicated ourselves to protecting the fundamental rights of our most vulnerable population through compassionate legal representation in the hope of building a better future.

Our work in CPS adoptions and private adoptions helps us promote the best interests of children and support their families and caregivers.

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The adoption of a child can bring so much joy and happiness to a family. While the end results of bringing a new child home to complete your family are often rewarding, the process itself can be complex and fraught with difficulty. It is the job (and privilege) of experienced adoption attorneys to support families as they navigate the adoption process in Texas.

There are several different paths to adopt a child in Texas, and our legal team at The Perrone Law Firm can help you determine which path is best for you and your expanding family. Each path comes with advantages and disadvantages. While there are procedural differences between the paths, the law governing them requires the same basic steps.

The Adoption Process

Potential foster parents and adoptive parents must meet certain age requirements and pass a criminal background check. An initial information meeting informs them about the steps they’ll take in order to foster or adopt, according to the Texas Department of Family and Protective Services (DFPS).

After the information meeting, parents meet with DFPS staff in a preparation meeting to determine whether adoption is the right journey for them and to have their qualifications assessed.

Potential adoptive parents must then take a 35-hour Parent Resource Information Development Education (PRIDE) course that covers basic childcare, plus three additional training and certification programs designed to educate them about meeting the needs of adoptive children.

A DFPS caseworker will conduct a home visit to observe their lifestyle and experience level caring for children to determine whether they are an appropriate candidate for adoption. All household members, including children, will be interviewed to provide a complete picture of the family unit.

These steps are undertaken to ensure as smooth and successful of a transition for the adoptive child as possible. A knowledgeable adoption lawyer can assist families through this entire process.

Legal Guidance

At The Perrone Law Firm, we are proud to represent families seeking to adopt children through either CPS adoptions (considered public adoptions) or private adoptions, both of which come with an array of complex legal issues. To facilitate CPS adoptions, we coordinate directly with DFPS and help foster parents meet all of the requirements. We represent the foster parents at conferences, court appearances, and hearings.

In private adoptions, we work with placement agencies and oversee matched private adoptions. We have extensive experience establishing legal guidelines for open or closed adoptions, taking into consideration the rights and obligations of the biological parents, the adoptive parents, and the child.

We can also facilitate relative adoptions or step-parent adoptions and termination of parental rights for biological parents. A relative adoption is when someone adopts their grandchild, niece/nephew, or cousin. To be legally binding, the rights of both birth parents must be terminated.

In step-parent adoptions, a person petitions the court to become the legal parent of the children of their new spouse. If you’re interested in adopting a step-child, our experienced step-parent adoptions lawyers are here to offer guidance.

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Compassionate Legal Representation In Texas Adoptions

As experts in adoption law, the legal team at the Perrone Law Firm offers completely confidential and comprehensive guidance in this complex process of adoption. Child adoption attorney Christina Perrone will walk you through the legal steps one by one and help you create a customized strategy that is right for you and the unique needs of your family. Throughout the entire journey, we provide the legal and emotional support you need as your family expands.

Stop searching for “best adoption lawyers near me” and read why our valued clients love our client-oriented results. At the Perrone Law Firm, we are passionate about helping children here in the Lone Star State find safe, nurturing homes. We love helping families through the entire adoption process with personalized legal counsel and witnessing the excitement of them welcoming a new family member at the end.

We handle every adoption case with care and dedication because we know the work we do matters to the children involved and the families that want to love and protect them.

If you’re seeking to adopt in or around Fannin, Texas, we’re happy to serve you. We offer both in-person and virtual appointments based on your needs.

Set up your initial adoption consultation to learn more about beginning this exciting journey for your family!

Phone IconCall Now To Schedule Your Initial Consultation(903) 964-1122

Phone IconCall Now To Schedule Your Initial Consultation(903) 964-1122