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Trauma Endured By Children In A Texas DivorceThe following article will cover:

  • The Relinquishment Avoidance Program and support for families in Texas.
  • Services available for families and children, including residential treatment centers and counseling services.
  • Personal motivation and commitment to helping families overcome trauma and avoid negative interactions with state authorities.

Recent Experience Speaking To The State Senator Of Texas On Trauma Endured By Children And The Services Available For Those Families

Over the past two legislative sessions, I have partnered with Senator Royce West of Dallas County, Texas. Our aim has been to enhance and broaden the scope of the Relinquishment Avoidance Program. This initiative is crucial in offering support to parents who may be contemplating surrendering their children to the state due to various reasons:

  • The child might be grappling with severe emotional disturbances necessitating intensive mental health treatment.
  • The child’s condition could pose a risk to the family’s safety.

The primary goal here is to ensure that parents don’t reach a state of desperation where they feel obliged to relinquish their child’s custody to the state of Texas. We advocate for this because, fundamentally, the state isn’t designed to function as a parent. We strive to assist parents in avoiding such situations for the sake of the child’s welfare and the family unit’s overall wellbeing.

Senator West has played a pivotal role in launching the Relinquishment Avoidance Program. Over the past eight years, we have identified two key areas where the program could be improved. During the recent legislative session, we proposed new laws allowing state courts to assist parents in coordinating with Child Protective Services. This collaboration aims to enable access to several intensive treatment options that might otherwise be financially prohibitive for many families. These services include:

  • Residential treatment centers
  • Wraparound counseling services
  • Family counseling services

The purpose of our testimony was to provide the Senate with insights into issues they might not regularly encounter. Although this is a niche area of law, it is vitally important for Texas’s most vulnerable children. Our objective is to ensure these children receive the services they need to return to their families safely and healthily, equipped with a broader set of skills.

Why Is This Part Of Law Practice Important To You And What Speaks To You When It Comes To Helping These Kind Of Families?

This aspect of law practice holds personal significance for me. As an adoptive parent, my husband and I have children who have experienced trauma at a young age. We are dedicated to helping them process and overcome the effects of these traumas. This enables them to integrate into our family unit and thrive as they grow older and gain independence.

It’s not only in the professional environment where I see the importance of this work, but also in my daily life with my own children. My goal is to equip all families with the skills and experiences I have gained. I also strive to protect families from potential overreach by state authorities. This includes ensuring that they don’t feel overwhelmed by interactions with Child Protective Services or juvenile probation departments.

My commitment to this cause is fueled by two main factors. First, I want to share my personal experiences in a way that benefits other families. Second, I aim to ensure that these families receive help in addressing trauma instead of feeling under attack by the state or being labeled as ‘bad parents’. This commitment is what drives my effort to enhance the next family’s experience.

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Christina Wade Perrone

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