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Parenting Facilitation In Texas: Your Questions Answered - Greenville, TXDivorce puts a strain on many relationships, and not just the relationship between spouses. It can impact mutual friends, parents and grandparents, and especially children. If you are a parent in Texas who is going through a divorce, minimizing the impact of the divorce on your children is probably at the top of your mind.

Parenting facilitation is one resource you can use to help ensure the best outcome for you and your entire family during the divorce process. It can help you prioritize your children’s well-being and maintain a healthy relationship with them. This article will cover some of the basics of parenting facilitation in Texas, including:

  • Who is responsible for choosing a parenting facilitator, and what to do if you want to select a specific person.
  • Your rights throughout the parenting facilitation process, and how parenting facilitation benefits you and your family.
  • What happens if you do not comply with the parenting facilitator’s suggestions.

What Is The Role Of Texas Courts In Parenting Facilitation?

The role of judges in courts across Texas is to appoint parenting facilitators. These parenting facilitators work with parties in high-conflict divorce and child custody cases and help resolve issues.

What Factors Determine Whether Parenting Facilitation Is Appropriate For My Family?

Courts consider the nature of the parties’ conflicts in each case. High-conflict cases, where there appears to be no room for compromise, are excellent candidates for a parenting facilitator. Courts will also consider your financial condition, and that of the other party, to ensure that involving a parenting facilitator is not an undue financial burden.

Can Parents In Texas Choose Their Own Parenting Facilitator, Or Is One Appointed By The Court?

Parenting facilitators are appointed by the court, but many judges will consider the recommendations of the attorneys involved in the case when selecting the right parenting facilitator. If you would like to select a specific person as the parenting facilitator for your case, you should speak with your family law attorney.

How Does The Court Ensure That Parenting Facilitation Outcomes Are In The Best Interests Of The Child Or Children?

Parenting facilitators provide updates to the parents, their attorneys, and even the court about the progress in working with the caregivers. Recommendations are always evaluated against the backdrop of what is in a child’s best interest.

It is perfectly normal for you to be concerned about your child’s best interest throughout the process of divorce and parenting facilitation. You should know that a qualified parenting facilitator will work with you and other caregivers. Their goal is to ensure that agreements and resolutions align with your child’s best interest before recommending it to attorneys or the court.

What Rights Do Parents Have When Participating In Parenting Facilitation?

As a parent, you still have the right to private communications with your attorney, and to continue to seek formal relief through the court system. However, parenting facilitation offers an avenue to work together to craft a customized parenting plan. You and the other party can both help determine a strategy, instead of a court decision which may not include input from both sides.

What Are The Consequences For Non-Compliance With The Facilitator’s Recommendations In Texas?

If you do not comply with parenting facilitation, you risk being held in contempt of court. This is why it is very important to work with your parenting facilitator to customize a parenting plan that is in your children’s best interest and takes into account your opinions and perspective.

For more information on the Role Of Texas Courts In Parenting Facilitation, an initial consultation is your next best step. Get the information and legal answers you are seeking by calling (903) 964-1122 today.

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