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Perrone Law Firm: Trusted And Dedicated Co-Parenting Consultation Services In Rockwall, TX

Going through a divorce is difficult for any family. Not only does it affect each spouse’s life, but also the children involved. Often, it can be hard to know if your child is being properly considered, especially with the many other factors that are at play in a divorce. An equipped and experienced parenting facilitator plays a crucial role in assisting each parent in creating a sustainable plan for their children, taking into account all of the components that must be addressed.

Attorney Christina Perrone is a thoughtful and considerate lawyer for split family issues that understands what it takes to sufficiently plan a child’s future. Since opening The Perrone Law Firm, PLLC in 2016, Christina Perrone and her team have cultivated a legal practice that strives to protect families and ensure the stability of children’s futures in the greater Rockwall, TX area.

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What A Parenting Facilitator Can Do For Your Family

A parenting facilitator plays an instrumental role in helping families resolve disputes, conflicts, and other family issues that arise in a spousal separation. A parenting issues attorney will help the parents make calculated and thoughtful decisions regarding their children’s wellbeing. Given the unstable circumstances and communication structure that often comes with a divorce, a third party that is able to facilitate productive conversations about suitable parenting strategies is important to the child’s comfort and protection. A parenting facilitator has specific training targeted to identify plans of action to adequately settle conflicts and develop sustainable co-parenting relationships. This gives them the tools and skills to assist in the development and implementation of effective parenting plans, and other necessary parenting agreements.

With a background as a 911 operator and police dispatcher, attorney Christina Perrone has a unique ability to calmly and thoughtfully mediate difficult situations and come up with a productive solution in the end. Along with this experience, Christina Perrone is a full-time family law attorney, which has given her a deep understanding of the legal structures in place regarding child custody, visitation, and the many other components of family law.

The Qualifications Needed To Properly Facilitate Parenting Conflicts

Parent facilitators usually take a supervisory role, making sure parents can come up with and comply with a parenting plan that suits the best interests of the child. Parent facilitators are problem solvers that offer professional help in the inter-parental conflicts that come with divorce, which can cause problems for the children indirectly. This can hinder each parent’s ability to effectively look after their child, and even draw the child into the conflict, disrupting the child’s relationships with one or both of the parents involved. A parenting facilitator receives extensive training to help them identify these elements, and come up with productive solutions to the existing problems at hand. In the state of Texas, parenting facilitators attend at least 88 hours of specialized training before offering their services professionally. The particular aspects of the training include:

  • Mediation
  • Problem-solving
  • Conflict resolution
  • Parenting skills
  • Recognition of interpersonal and familial dynamics

In addition to this training, parenting facilitators must also have a license to professionally practice in their field. All of this specialized training coupled with an immense legal competency makes a parent facilitation lawyer an invaluable resource to any case that involves divorce and the need for parental accountability.

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What Makes Attorney Christina Perrone The Top Parent Facilitation Lawyer In The Rockwall, TX Area

Attorney Christina Perrone is dedicated to her clients and the legal security of their families. With an extensive background in family law, Christina Perrone has been able to refine her legal approach in order to offer the best parent facilitation services possible for families in the Rockwall, TX area. No matter what case she is presented with, she always puts in the time and effort necessary to offer her clients a successful solution to whatever conflict they are facing. With an impressive history of professionalism, Christina Perrone and her skilled legal team at The Perrone Law Firm, PLLC has proven time and again their devotion to their clients’ wellbeing and thriving future.

If you require the services of a competent and specialized parent facilitator, please do not hesitate to contact our office today for an initial consultation, and to learn more about our firm and our mission for excellence.

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