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The Perrone Law Firm, PLLC

Dedicated Family Law Practice In Fannin, Texas – The Perrone Law Firm, PLLC

Founded in Greenville, Texas, and now proud to serve Fannin, The Perrone Law Firm is a group of legal advocates for children in and out of the foster care system. We believe that all children deserve a stable, safe, and loving home, and have dedicated ourselves to protecting their most fundamental rights.

Family law attorney Christina Perrone serves families, particularly their most vulnerable members, with compassionate legal representation. She started the Perrone Law Firm after prosecuting CPS cases for the Texas Department of Family and Protective Services, and now, she protects families and promotes their best interests through her work in CPS litigations, adoptions, and family law matters.

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CPS Litigation

The children in our foster care system or those with issues at home face many legal, social, and psychological challenges and need a vocal defender to help them through. By safeguarding their rights through CPS litigation and child welfare law, we believe we can build a better future for them and help them transition into adulthood with the appropriate resources.

CPS litigation is a unique legal landscape that only CPS Claims Lawyers like Christina Perrone are equipped to handle. Through her work as a court-appointed attorney ad litem for children, she advocates for abused and neglected children as their legal representative. She has represented countless children, parents, and caregivers in CPS lawsuits.

Parental Representation

At The Perrone Law Firm, we also work with parents who fear losing their children due to false reports to Child Protective Services (CPS) of abuse and neglect in the home. We have the experience and the knowledge needed to assist parents in seeking the safe return home of their children or in fighting to keep their children in their care during a CPS investigation.

Parents, foster parents, and caregivers who find themselves navigating the CPS services system can benefit from having a CPS litigation lawyer like Christina Perrone on their side to guide them through the extensive services offered. No matter what difficulties a family or foster family is facing, she can help them take full advantage of the many resources available to them.


We can help those seeking custody of a child involved in a CPS case explore their legal options and determine whether they meet the appropriate requirements to intervene in an on-going lawsuit.


At The Perrone Law Firm, we are proud to represent families seeking to adopt children through either CPS or private adoptions. We coordinate directly with the Texas Department of Family and Protective Services to facilitate CPS adoptions, or work with placement agencies and oversee matched private adoptions. As experts in adoption law, we offer completely confidential and comprehensive guidance in this complex process.

We can also facilitate step-parent adoptions and termination of parental rights for biological parents.

Our legal team loves supporting families through the entire adoption process with personalized legal counsel and witnessing the excitement of welcoming a new family member.

Child-Centric Family Law

Family law is a broad area, and we focus on child support cases, child custody cases (called conservatorship in Texas), and simple divorce matters. When needed, we work with the Texas Attorney General’s office to enforce child support orders.

Our focus in family law matters is always on how to best maintain a stable environment for the children involved. With that in mind, we offer thoughtful and attentive legal representation that’s tailored to the unique needs of each family and the complex issues leading them to a separation. We have extensive experience in facilitating productive discussions between parents regarding their wishes for their child’s primary home, education, healthcare, and more.

Family law matters often involve intense emotions and anxiety. At The Perrone Law Firm, we offer empathetic guidance aimed at helping clients build a stronger foundation for the two emerging family units.

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Compassionate Legal Representation For The Entire Family

Stop searching for “best CPS lawyers near me” and read why our valued clients love our client-oriented results. At the Perrone Law Firm, we are passionate about helping children here in the Lone Star State find safe, nurturing homes and supporting families through times of difficulty. We believe that with the right advocates working to promote their best interests and wellbeing, children and their caregivers can avoid falling through the legal system’s cracks.

That’s why we practice CPS litigation, interventions, adoptions, divorces, and child custody cases with care and dedication. The work we do every day matters to these children, the people who care for them, and their futures.

When children, parents, or their loved ones are in the most need of compassionate legal help, family attorney for Child Protective Services Christina Perrone is there.

If you’re seeking dedicated legal representation in Fannin, Texas, we’re happy to serve you. We offer both in-person and virtual appointments based on your needs.

Phone IconCall Now To Schedule Your Initial Consultation(903) 964-1122

Phone IconCall Now To Schedule Your Initial Consultation(903) 964-1122