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Do I Need A Family Lawyer?

Whether you are committed to adding a new member to your family, or you are traversing a Child Protective Services (CPS) claim, you will want to be sure you are not missing any steps. With an experienced family law attorney to advise you through these challenging legal processes you can feel secure knowing you are meeting the legal requirements to reach your family goals.

The experienced family law attorneys at Perrone Law Firm in Rockwall, Texas can steer you on the right path as you navigate your next steps.

Adoption And Family Law – What You Need To Know.

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Do I Need To Hire An Adoption Attorney?

It is advisable to consult with an attorney before beginning the adoption process. Whether you are considering adoption through an agency or the child welfare system, or have a need to adopt a relative or stepchild, an experienced adoption attorney will be well-informed on local and international adoption laws to give you piece of mind that you are filing the necessary paperwork to meet each unique situation.

An adoption attorney can prepare you for any legal hearings that may be required, as well as represent you in the event you encounter any legal complications.

What Does A Child Adoption Attorney Do?

If you are seeking legal guardianship of a child who is not biologically yours, a child adoption attorney can serve you in several ways. If just starting your journey, they can assist you in selecting an adoption agency that fits your needs. If you are further along in the process, an experienced adoption attorney can help you file the proper paperwork or represent you in court.

How Long Will It Take To Adopt With The Guidance Of An Attorney?

Adoption can be a lengthy process, but each case is different. It could take up to five years, including waiting periods in some cases, or as short as six to eighteen months. Depending on your specific case, there are usually background checks, interviews, and other assessments to ensure your fitness as the legal parent of the child, if you do not pass one of these evaluations it can cause delays. An experienced adoption attorney will advise you through the process and potentially accelerate it by knowing when and where to file appropriate paperwork.

How Do I Hire A Child Adoption Attorney?

Choosing to expand your family is a personal decision and you will want to ensure you have a family attorney who is a proper match to suit your individual case. Many lawyers offer thirty-minute consultations at no cost to the client. Before meeting with the attorney, outline what is important to you and any questions you may have up front, this will guide the conversation so you can compare attorneys later and hire the right fit for your specific family needs.

CPS And Family Law – What You Need To Know.

I Have A CPS Claim Against Me, Do I Need A Lawyer?

If Child Protective Services has filed a claim against you, it is advisable to seek legal counsel from a CPS claims lawyer. CPS is responsible for having your child’s best interests in mind, but they do not have the same responsibility for your interests. From representing you in court, to filing proper paperwork, you will need an experienced attorney to guide you through the challenging course ahead.

CPS Has Taken My Child, What Next?

When CPS removes a child from the home there typically is a hearing to ascertain if the problem that warranted the removal of the child has been remedied. The judge will take various factors into consideration, statements from immediate and extended family can be weighed either in support of or against the parent(s). If an abusive parent, guardian, or other care giver is the cause for the removal, the judge will require proof that this person is no longer in the home and has no continued access to the child. The initial hearing may lead to a longer case that can take months to conclude. Assuming the parent is seeking to regain custody, it is important that a Child Protective Services Lawyer represent the parent to carry the burden of proof that the removal of the child is no longer necessary and convince the court that parental custody should be reinstated.

CPS Has Removed My Grandchild, How Do I Gain Custody?

If CPS has determined there is a risk of neglect or abuse that warrants a child’s removal from the home, it is their responsibility to develop a plan for immediate placement and, if appropriate, that placement may be with a relative. At the CPS hearing, part of the proceedings will be for the judge to determine placement for the child while the case is pending. Should a grandparent wish to petition for temporary custody or visitation during this time, they must join the hearing to file the request. A family attorney can represent the grandparents through this process to help ensure the child remains with family if the court deems it safe for the child.

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